Stream Project Summaries (NC DWR)

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Research Projects Focused on Streams

EPA Wetland Program Development Grants have funded the NC Division of Water Resources to conduct research studies on streams as well as wetlands. Many important findings have been made. Below are links to final reports for these projects.

Stream Restoration and Urban Streams

Reassessing Criteria for Impaired Urban Waters and Stream Restorations

Final Report – 2018

Ecological Functions of Restored Stream Systems: Benthic Macroinvertebrates

Final Report – 2003

Final Report Addendum (after further post-construction sampling) – 2004

Defining Limits for Small Stream Biological Criteria for Use in Stream Restoration Monitoring

Final Report – 2013

Impacts of Small Impoundments

Assessing Abiotic and Biotic Impacts Due to Small Impoundments in North Carolina to Support 401 Certification Policies

Final Report – 2013

Conference poster – 2013

Presentation – 2013

Assessing Biological Impacts to Streams Due to Small Impoundments in NC to Support 401 Certification Policies

Final Report – 2016

Presentation – 2016

Significant Nexus Research

Stream Buffers

Correlating stream biology with buffer quality

Final Report – 2006

Macroinvertebrates in Intermittent Streams

Development of Policy for Protection of Intermittent Streams through the 401 Water Quality Certification Program  (Aquatic life in ephemeral, intermittent, and perennial stream reaches)

Final Report – 2005

Coastal Streams

Aquatic Life in Ephemeral, Intermittent and Perennial Streams in the Coastal Plain of North Carolina

Final Report – 2010

These projects were funded through multiple EPA Wetland Program Development Grants.