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You Can Make a Difference

  • Control and report spills

  • Plant a tree

  • Pick up trash

  • Remove invasive species

  • Use water wisely

  • Donate

  • Spread the news

  • Set up a conservation easement

  • Use proper techniques during construction

  • Protect against erosion and extra sediments

Organizations Involved with North Carolina’s Wetlands

Many groups are working to help wetlands in North Carolina. Some groups work on a local scale, some work statewide, while others work on national or international scales. Below are a few options, but there are many more to discover and become a part of.

Carolina Wetlands Association

Local land conservancies, such as the Triangle Land Conservancy, Piedmont Land Conservancy, Blue Ridge Conservancy, Catawba Land Conservancy, NC Coastal Land Trust

North Carolina Coastal Federation

Nature Conservancy